Econometric Model of Interest Rates on Deposits in Montenegro


  • Ivana Stešević UDG- Faculty for international economics, finance and business, Podgorica, Montenegro; Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses, Podgorica, Montenegro


Econometric models, Interest rate on deposits


Last years econometric models had become very important toll in planning, analyses and prognoses. This paper presents the process and methodology that is used in econometric modeling, with a particular focus on the modeling performed by the Eviews 3.0 software package. The interest rates on deposits in Montenegro will be presented to demonstrate the process of econometric modelling. Interest rates as macroeconomic phenomena determine and harmonize relations between demand and supply for credits; they aid in directing savings into investments, as well as provide adequate returns to participants in the financial market. Given the great importance of interest rates, this paper will define and analyze the factors which determine Montenegrin interest rates on deposits, and also formulates a model to predict these numbers.

Key words: Econometric models, Interest rate on deposits.
JEL: C01, E43.


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