Is New Labour's ‘Third Way' New or Just Hot Air in Old Bottles?


  • Grazia Ietto-Gillies London South Bank University



New Labour, Third way, Government policies, British economics


The paper discusses the main aims and characteristics of the three Ways in British economics and politics: the First Way refers to the period from after WWII to the mid 1970s; the second Way refers to the Conservative Government period starting from 1979; and the Third Way to the New Labour Government period since 1997. These three Ways are considered in relation to their main characteristics, the policies of the relevant governments and the problems they have encountered. The New Labour policies are analyzed in more details by reference to the case of the National Health Service. The reasons why the New Labour Way is different from the second Way as well as the problems it is facing are highlighted. A discussion of why New Labour has taken the Third Way route follows.

Key words: New Labour, Third way, Government policies, British economics.
JEL: H11, H40.


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Ietto-Gillies, G. (2006). Is New Labour’s ‘Third Way’ New or Just Hot Air in Old Bottles?. Panoeconomicus, 53(2), 111–130.



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