China’s Unification: Myth or Reality?

  • Mario Arturo Estrada Ruiz University of Malaya, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Malaysia
  • Donghyun Park Asian Development Bank, Philippines


This paper evaluates the prospect of a possible unification between People’s Republic of China (Mainland China) and Republic of China (Taiwan) from a multi-dimensional perspective which encompasses the political, social, economic, and technological dimensions. The underlying idea is to evaluate the possibility of a partial or total reunification between the two countries in a more comprehensive way than just assessing the economic costs and benefits. Our evaluation is based on the application of the GDRI-Model, which looks at unification and regional integration simultaneously from the political, economic, social and technological perspectives.

Key words: Economic unification, Economic modeling, Mainland China, Taiwan.
JEL: F15.

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Estrada Ruiz M.A., & Park D. (2014). China’s Unification: Myth or Reality? Panoeconomicus, 61(4), 441-469. doi:10.2298/PAN1404441E
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