Language Services

Authors whose first language is not English should ask a native speaker to proofread the manuscript before the submission. There are also a number of services that provide mentoring, advice and copyediting to support authors unfamiliar with writing academic research papers for publication in international journals. Authors are encouraged to make the use of services such as SPi if necessary.

English-language editing will:

  • correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • delete redundant words and phrases
  • replace inappropriate words and generally improve clarity
  • ensure that the tone of the language is appropriate for an academic journal

 Language editing and polishing is provided by:


Panoeconomicus neither endorses nor takes responsibility for this service, which is provided by a commercial, for-profit company. There are other language editing companies that offer similar services. Availing of the service also does not guarantee that your manuscript will be accepted for publication to this journal.