Global Capital Markets - An Updated Profile


  • Miroslava Filipović Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies, Novi Sad



Capital markets, Innovation, Electronic trading


More than two decades after the beginning of the financial revolution globalization of capital flows still attracts considerable attention, from both practitioners and academics. The aim of this paper is to contribute to understanding of some aspects of the global capital scene, as well as to emphasize certain developments which might illustrate its changing profile. Several fundamental perspectives profile the global capital market. A quantitative review provides a sense of sheer volumes, trends, origins and destinations of capital flows; an assessment of the global capital market’s degree of integration follows. The emergence of new (types of) actors is another important aspect of the global processes, while illustrations of new market products and emerging segments may add new perspectives on the profile of the global capital market. Finally, the paper concludes with a brief overview of digitalization of the financial supply chain.

Key words: Capital markets, Innovation, Electronic trading.
JEL: F21, G15.


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Filipović, M. (2007). Global Capital Markets - An Updated Profile. Panoeconomicus, 54(2), 197–217.



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