Debata o globalizaciji: Globalisti

  • Tadija Tadić


One of the main questions most of the globalization theorists have been dealing with is how to provide an adequate classification and systematization of vast and different theories of globalization. In this work we give a closer look to an infamous and highly influential Held's division of globalization theorists on globalists and skeptics. According to globalists globalization represents a real and significant historical process without a precedent, which generates new forms of global economy, global politics and global culture. On the other side, there are skeptics who discard globalization discourse simply as a myth or alternatively as an ideological project of the West. The first part of our investigation of the great globalization debate is dedicated to investigation of the globalist perspective (both the hyper-globalists and transformationists).

Key words: Globalization, The great globalization debate, Globalists, Hyper-globalists, Transformationists.
JEL: F0, F15, N0.

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Tadić T. (2006). Debata o globalizaciji: Globalisti. Panoeconomicus, 53(1), 51-63. doi:10.2298/PAN0601051T
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