Internal Globalization of Western Balkan

  • Veselin Vukotić University of Montenegro, School of Economics; Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses (ISSP, Podgorica; Institute of Social Sciences, Center for Economic Research, Belgrade


What are potential and real effects of the globalization process on the economic connection between Western Balkan countries? What is the crucial change in relations between Western Balkan countries and its economies inexorably brought by globalization? What are the elements of political economy of Western Balkan globalization? What are reflections of the conflict between political and economic areas of Western Balkan? These are some of the issues discuses in this paper.

Key words: Globalization, Market, Power, Competition, Transparent borders.
JEL: F02.

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Vukotić V. (2006). Internal Globalization of Western Balkan. Panoeconomicus, 53(3), 239-256. doi:10.2298/PAN0603239V
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