Exchange Rate Regime Choice

  • Emilija Beker University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics Subotica, Department of European Economic and Business, Serbia


The choice of an adequate exchange rate regime proves to be a highly sensitive field within which the economic authorities present and confirm themselves. The advantages and disadvantages of fixed and flexible exchange rate regimes, which have been quite relativized from the conventional point of view, together with simultaneous, but not synchronized effects of structural and external factors, remain permanently questioned throughout a complex process of exchange rate regime decision making. The paper reflects the attempt of critical identification of the key exchange rate performances with emphasis on continuous non-uniformity and (un)certainty of shelf life of a relevant choice.

Key words: Exchange rate regimes, Structural determiners, External determiners.
JEL: F30, F40.

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Beker E. (2006). Exchange Rate Regime Choice. Panoeconomicus, 53(3), 313-334. doi:10.2298/PAN0603313B
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