Serbia’s EU Integration Process: The Momentum of 2008

  • Irena Ristić Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade


After four years of ambivalence, the relationship between the European Union and Serbia is again gaining a new opportunity to flourish. The new Serbian government is formed by parties which are strongly committed to Serbia’s EU integration and hence ready to carry out reforms and fully cooperate with the International Crime Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. This paper presents the current relationship between Brussels and Belgrade and its main obstacles. It emphasizes both internal and external problems of this relationship and their interdependency. In this regard the author argues that only by a mutual commitment of both Serbia and the EU lasting peace will be achieved in the Western Balkans and the region stabilized.

Key words: Serbia, European Union, EU Integration.
JEL: F50, F53.

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Ristić I. (2009). Serbia’s EU Integration Process: The Momentum of 2008. Panoeconomicus, 56(1), 111-125. doi:10.2298/PAN0901111R
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