Serbian Identity and the Concept of Europeanness

  • Irena Ristić Institute of social sciences, Belgrade


Serbia is considered as "an unfinished state" with a rather "undefined Nation" and as such approaching the European Union. This raises the question to what extent these circumstances will influence the success of Serbia’s EU-integration process, since nation identity and statehood are in this article seen as constitutional parts of the concept of Europeanness. Thus this paper focuses on Europeanness and the identity behind it. It further gives an overview of the Serbian identity, first by presenting its dichotomy and then by highlighting the main factors, which have primarily shaped the identity of Serbia. Finally this paper shows why a clearly defined national identity would facilitate Serbia’s access to the EU.

Key words: Identity, Europeanness, Nation state, Serbian identity.
JEL: F02.

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Ristić I. (2007). Serbian Identity and the Concept of Europeanness. Panoeconomicus, 54(2), 185-195. doi:10.2298/PAN0702185R
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